Christmas starts here…/Oliver Postgate/Spooks – Final Episode, Series 7

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Radio Times cover 2008
TV Times cover 2008

Christmas has started officially here. How do I know? I’ve just bought the Christmas edition of the Radio Times from WH Smith’s. Strangely there wasn’t a copy of the TV Times available at the same time – but I managed to pick that up at Tesco’s.

We’ve also started to wrap the Christmas pressys too!

I’ll hand deliver the local cards tomorrow.

Oliver Postgate died yesterday aged 83. He was the creator of Noggin-the-Nog, Ivor the Engines, Pogles Wood and Bagpuss. Most people seem to remember him for Bagpuss – but for me (maybe it’s my age!), Noggin-the-Hog and Ivor the Engine are still very clear images in my head.

I caught up with Spooks on Sky-Plus. An excellent final episode, with the predictable cliff-hanger ending. The BBC has already confirmed an eighth series – that’s great! For me, it’s easily the best show on the TV at the moment, and the production qualities are excellent! 👍

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