Ashes to Ashes – Final Episode, Series 1

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Well, the first series ended tonight. It’s too early to get any figures on how many watched it, but I guess it’ll be high – see below for an update on audience figures.

It was a bit of anti-climax given that most of the papers had disclosed that a second series had been commissioned – regular readers of the excellent Digital Spy site will have known that already.

All in all, it’s been a very watchable series with very credible performances from the two leads – Philip Glenister and Keeley Hawes. It was nice to see more action for the supporting cast to do too.

The series was never going to pack as much punch as ‘Life on Mars’, but I think it did a good job in keeping us guessing what the series outcome might be. I can’t help feeling that LoM was more watchable because we all shared Sam’s confusion and really willed him to get home. In Alex Drake’s case, it was a brave decision by the writers to move the plot-device so that she WAS aware of her predicament and that she knew she was imagining it all.

Her tough character didn’t quite work for me and I would have preferred to see a more vulnerable side. This was evident in some of the episodes – especially last night where she realised that she hadn’t changed history by her various actions.

For me, the result was that I felt less empathy for her and it’ll be interesting to see if my view ‘changes’ during series two.
High Points – Zippy and Bungle in episode 1
Low Points – Not enough shots of 80’s cars

Roll-on series two in 2009!
Saturday, March 29
Digital Spy reports an audience of 5.4m (23% of audience) – that’s 1.6m down on Episode 1 and 1.6m down (also) on the final episode of LoM

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