Ashes to Ashes – Series 1 – Episode 1

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The first episode was transmitted tonight. Given all the hype surrounding it and a few tidbits on the web and TV from the BBC, expectations were high.

Having just watched it, it certainly ‘pushed all the right buttons’ for me. The BBC had done a great job in recreating the feel of the 80s and there were some nice digital touches such as no Millennium Dome and no covered walkway at the top of Tower Bridge – very subtle, but very well-done!

Character-wise, Gene Hunt and his Boys were transplanted as-is albeit with slightly different haircuts! DI Alex Drake was feisty and attractive in equal measures. Not sure whether over time, viewers will warm to her as much as they did with her predecessor in LoM – Sam Tyler.

The plot twist that she already KNOWS she’s in a coma is a brave decision by the writers in order (I guess) to avoid just a retelling of the same premise. Comments on he various Internet Forums seem to indicate that viewers were satisfied overall, but some felt that the character of Alex Drake was a bit distant and cold.

Love the fact that Zippy and Bungle appeared and that clown is sooooo spooky!

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