Holiday – Day 12 – Florianopolis

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The forecast is thunderstorms, 30 degrees C.

We arrived at around 8am and got up around the same time.

As has become the routine, we had breakfast in the ‘King and I’ restaurant rather than take on the World iin the Windjammer food-trough…sorry ‘buffet-restaurant’.

The forecast for thunderstorms should make the day interesting! The ship moored quite a way out, so it was quite a long tender – some 25 minutes.

Once landed, we had the same problem as yesterday. There were no representatives from the ship, so we had no idea where we were or how to get anywhere. The ship didn’t provide any literature either!

So, we wandered about for a bit. Eventually Ann spoke to a native and determined we were a long way from the centre of town. So, we took a walk along the beatiful beach and found a Bar. We had a beer, Ann had a juice whilst Karen tried a Brazilian speciality ‘Caipirihna’ – a bit like a Margherita.

We then headed back to the Ship ang got back on board at 1.30. We found our fave spot at the back of the ship where there was a choice of sun and shade and snacked.

2pm – still no thunderstorms.

We probably need to do some research today about ‘Ilhabela’ given our recent Port experiences!

Formal dress tonight – the last one of the Cruise.

Ilhabela tomorrow…

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