Holiday – Day 2 (Christmas Eve)

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I think we’re going to have a lazy day today! We had a relaxed breakfast and then decided to have a wander round the town. We stopped of for a coffee and beer in a local coffee house and then

headed for the shops! We suddenly realised how UNcommercial Buenos Aires is about Christmas – apart from the one or two decorations, you would hardly belive it WAS Christmas. Even the Shopping Mall only looked a little-bit Christmassy!

The architecture around the town is very interesting. Plenty of statues – this one is of Pelegrini and old-looking buildings tastefully restored.

I bought a blue shirt, Ann resisted all temptations placed before her! So, it was a few more coffees in the Mall and then we took a taxi back to the hotel.

Ann and Karen headed off for the gym in the hotel, whilst I caught up with my emails and reading. Ralph chilled out.

We’re eating in the hotel tonight and we’ve booked a meal at a famous restaurant for Christmas Day (yes, they are open!) ‘Cabana Las Lilas’.

The meal in the hotel restaurant was excellent. Initially, there was some confusion about where, in the hotel, we were eating. We thought it was the ‘bar area’ and the dress was casual. We eventually determined it was in the ‘bar’ downstairs and the dress was formal. Although the girls were already dressed-up, Ralph and I needed to do a lightning change into DJs!!! In record time we did…and arrived at the restaurant just a little later than planned.

As I said, the food was excellent. Possibly the most memorable part was the dessert – talk about death by chocolate. This was mass murder followed by even more ‘death’. :))

The bill? a mere 3000 Argentinian Pesos – about 500 pounds between the four of us. It must have been the most expensive meal we’ve ever had…and certainly the most enjoyable too!

Off to bed, stuffed!!!

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