Holiday – Day 3 (Christmas Day)

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We had a lie-in! Ann especially was still tired from last night. Must have been the champagne!

We exchanged a few of our presents – the rest are at home for when we get back.

From Ann
Round cufflinks
Cufflinks and tie set
Coloured handkerchief set

To Ann
Sony MP3 player
‘Simply Brazil’ CD set
Matt Cartoon Book 2007

For the complete list go HERE

We then met up with Ralph and Karen at around 10am for a relaxed breakfast. As it was a nice day we decided to have a wander round locally and take in the sites. We eventually ended up sitting outside in a Bar that wasn’t too far away from where we ate on the first night.

It felt really strange just sitting outside on Christmas Day. There was no external signs of Christmas at all! – see the photograph on the left.

Coffees for the girls and (rather large) beers for Ralph and me. We soaked up some rays until 1ish and then headed back to the hotel.

We’re off to Cabana Las Lilas tonight. We’re told it’s the best place for steak in Argentina. We’re going ‘dressed-up’ DJs and all… :). The restaurant was very busy when we got there around 9pm – they eat late in Argentina! – but our table was waiting and the atmosphere was buzzing although not in a Christmassy way. Customers wee still being seated at 11pm.

We all had steak (obviously) and mine, the ‘Club’ steak, was named, we think, because it resembled a club 🙂 – almost 12 inches long and very thick. By the time we had all finished, we were all too stuffed for a dessert although they did insist we had petit-fours! Nice!

Taxis, we were told were like some of the steaks – rare, although ours arrived as soon as we stepped out of the restaurant. A ten-Pesos bill later (2 quid) and we were back at the Hotel ready for bed. We finally ‘hit the sack’ at around midnight.

All-in-all a really enjoyable day, but I do miss all the Christmassy signs like tinsel, trees, carols and stuff. We’re on a tour tomorrow and we’re going to ask the Guide why there are many outward signs of Christmas in Buenos Aires.

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