BBC iPlayer launched

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A few days ago, the BBC announced it was launching its ‘iPlayer’. It’s a clever bit of software that allows you to download and watch BBC TV programmes for up to 30 days (I think) after they’ve been broadcast. After that time they disappear from your hard disk – must be magic :))

The downloading of the software was by ‘invitation only’ and luckily, the email from me to ask to try it out paid off and I downloaded the software last night.

It all seems to work perfectly. You select your programme from the built in browser and download the programme or programmes you’re interested. Files seem to be heavily compressed as a 30 minute ‘Click’ programme from News 24 seemed to take no-time-at-all even on my half-meg connection! I watched the program ‘full-screen’ and it was very good quality indeed. I also downloaded ‘HyperDrive’ and ‘2oth Century Battlefields’.

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