The Pheasant – Revisited

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David, Valerie, Ann and I returned to The Pheasant in Keyston today for Sunday Lunch.

The Pheasant – Revitalised! πŸ˜‹

Since we moved to our current home in 1996, The Pheasant had been our ‘go-to’ quality eatery around these parts. In the intervening years though, we’d discovered plenty of alternatives (Northamptonshire’s well served!) and for no other reason apart from an abundance of choice, it dropped off our radar. Meanwhile, the Pub had seen several owners and relaunches where its fortunes could be best described as ‘up and down’ (Covid didn’t help!). The Pub finally gave up back in March 2020 and not long after, all the windows were boarded up – it all looked terribly permanent! A sad day and where my diary recorded we’d last been there in July 2019.

Fast-forward to October 2023 and our first love was back in the game. With its new owner, Stephen Norman, ‘Stevie’, taking charge, we were looking forward to returning – and today was the day!

We had our table booked for 12.30, and we arrived in good time. The first change we noticed was the ‘garden’. In its final years, it had often looked a bit tatty, and now it had been replaced by outdoor seating – around 20 tables.


Once inside, it all looked familiar. Yes, the colourful wallpaper depicting hunting scenes had gone having been replaced by a more sober plain painted alternative, but what WAS the same was how busy they were! Surely a good sign! πŸ‘

Considering how busy they were, we were served quickly. It was also good to be on the receiving end of smart, well-trained and personable waiting staff too! It’s just how we remembered The Pheasant from our very first visits there in the late 90s. So far, so good!

But how was the food? πŸ˜‹πŸ€”

We needn’t have worried, as we all agreed that all courses – all our choices – were delicious! We planned on just having two courses, but we ended up enjoying three – another good sign! πŸ˜€

As you’ve gathered, we were impressed, and I’m pleased to say that The Pheasant was now firmly back on our list of go-to eateries – thanks Stevie – we’ll be back! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.

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