Exotic Dining in Kettering

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Not the most exciting of shop-fronts

To be honest, you don’t often see the words: exotic, dining and Kettering in the same sentence, but on this occasion, the title should be read literally!

Cunningly concealed above the vacated town-centre Argos is: The Exotic Dining – the perfect location if you fancy a REALLY good curry! (Pedantically speaking it’s actual Indian and Fusion cuisine). Locally, we’re spoilt for choice for good eastern eateries (The Raj, Kushboo and Nazreen, to name just a few) but here has always impressed us in the past (it’s been here since September, 2010) and was, therefore, the perfect excuse to catch up with Bev & Jools for a (very) belated get-together (I blame the pandemic!)

It’s been a long, long while since we were last here – September, 2019 (also with Bev & Jools!) – and it sure felt good to be back.

We were soon seated, coincidentally at the same table as two years ago! What are the chances ehh?

Business appeared to be getting back to normal, looking at the regular to-ing and fro-ing of takeaway customers indispersed with pre-ordered deliveries being ferried to their Friday-night destination. When we arrived just before 7.30, the restaurant was quiet to begin with, but soon began to fill up.

The menu was pretty much as we recall it (although I don’t remember bison nor zebra being on there last time!). BUT enough of the animals, every Indian meal should begin with a beer shouldn’t it, so Bev and I ordered a couple of Cobras, whilst Jools and Ann chose something else!

We decided to skip the poppadum course and whilst Bev opted for a more spicy, fishy route for his Mains, I chose a less-hot chicken variety! Jools selected the steak whilst Ann preferred the Prawn Tikka Masala – and we all shared rice and some Bombay Potato.

If you like your curry experience to be quick, then The Exotic Dining is probably not the place for you! With no microwave in sight (with the possible exception of needing one to defrost the bison and zebra, assuming they’ve not just been freshly culled after running majestically across the Kettering plains!) everything here is created and cooked from scratch – just as it should be! Consequently, it’s best to arrive with a relaxed attitude to your planned eating experience.

Starters for me: Is it a pear? Is it a potato? It’s ‘Pears of Potato’

Like many, we’ve eaten at quite a few curry restaurants in our time, so there’s not much we haven’t tried.

But tonight featured an exception! The treat in question sounded like it shouldn’t (and couldn’t) ‘work’, but it did for us!

Chocolate + Naan = 😋

Step forward – The Chocolate Naan! I’ve never seen this on a menu before, but as a confirmed chocoholic, I’m now a big fan!

It was no surprise, therefore, that we REALLY enjoyed the experience! Great food and service with a big smile too – plus a free Brandy! A perfect end to a perfect evening.

Bev & Jools dropped us back at ours at around 10.30pm. For our next get together, we’re going to try the new Italian restaurant in Burton Latimer.

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