£1-a-Day (2019) – How Did We Do?

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Well, that’s it, we’re all done for 2019’s £1-a-day Challenge raising money for the Salvation Army. David, Helen and I managed to survive for seven days, living on a £1 a day each, for all our food and drink. It’s not too late to donate – see later in this Post.

Helen, David and yours truly

It’s now 6am on the 14th (the day after this year’s campaign ended) and as I write this Post, the donations stand at an impressive £655 (plus £111.25 Gift Aid). Even when you take away JG’s commission (1.9% + 20p/5% on Gift Aid) it’s none too shabby!

THANK YOU to all of you who donated; we know there is a lot of demand on your purses and wallets for who you give your hard-earned money to, and we really appreciate every pound of your generosity! 👍 👍 👍

As usual, we’re leaving the website open for a short spell (until Saturday, 5th October) in case you missed all the action as it happened. So, if you haven’t yet done so, and feel inclined to donate, you’re not too late. Please use the link below…

UPDATE: Saturday, 5th October – On the day we closed the website for donations, we raised an amazing £1205 (plus £257.50 Gift-Aid). An amazing result! THANK-YOU!!!😀👍

Wow! a whole £1.59 left over!

…and on top of the money raised, we even had a few coins left over from our enforced £21! I know it sounds impossible doesn’t it..? three people… three meals a day… for seven days! so here is a reminder of how we spent it. There’s posh! we even had fresh-fruit for the first year ever (they were reduced in price) and some Titan Bars – Aldi’s equivalent of Mars Bars – for the occasional motivation!

Our £21 spent wisely!

Another first for us in 2019! Although we had some cash left over, we completely ran out of food (we ate our last few biscuits yesterday evening!) – for me, that’s a perfect end to this year’s efforts. Some foody highlights follow…

Talking of losses, even though it wasn’t my prime intention, I even managed to shed a few pounds too! – and that was a pleasant surprise, as our menus certainly would never have made it to Weight-Watchers or Slimming World! I started off at 13st 13lbs exactly on Day 1, and by the last day I’d dropped to 13st 10lbs!

Thanks again everyone – you’ve been super-generous. Now it’s back to the more nutritious stuff! 😉

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