Christmas Lunching begins…

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Another Saturday in the countdown to Christmas – and another Lunch with friends!
This time, it was the Old White Hart at Lyddington (we were last here back in February) to meet up with Nick & Celina. Compared to last night’s venue, this place was full of people… and atmosphere together with a roaring open fire – Perfect!
The Menu (December 2019) The Old White Hart, Lyddington
Unfortunately, the ‘atmosphere’ meant that the lighting was dim and with the aged Menus aged all this combined to make the reading a little ‘challenging’! (grey text on an off-white sheet of paper!) Still, it was a small gripe. Our drinks from the Bar were served without delay, and we’d soon made our decision for Starters and Mains – without the aid of a torch. Service was pretty quick and we were soon tucking-in. Although the food was tasty, both Courses could have been a tad warmer and Ann’s Courses suffered from the same fate as her fish last night – overcooked!

Still, all-in-all, it was a pretty enjoyable experience, leisurely paced and with plenty of time therefore to catch-up with each other’s news (Looks like we’re both in the middle of planning bathroom renovations!). We were there for a good two hours before we paid up and headed back to the cars in the pouring rain.

We said our goodbyes, agreeing to see each other again early next year, after our holidays.

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