From Dubrovnik via Kettering to Paris!

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Well not quite… read on loyal Reader…

What a treat! Our good friends Mick & Jane who we’d last bumped into in Dubrovnik – as you do – invited us to join them today for lunch at the rather swanky Paris House Restaurant for lunch. The restaurant is located on the Woburn Estate amongst 22 acres of Deer Park – and it made for an impressive entrance..!

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Who knew? – not only do Michelin make tyres, they also give out stars for Restaurants. This may only have one, but it was still pretty good!

A six-course meal followed, with an optional extra course of Cheese (which we declined, based on the predicted imminent expansion of our waistlines!).

Phew! We made it to the Pineapple Cake and it was all a thoroughly enjoyable experience with our taste-buds given a complete workout during each Course. Top marks for the Service and of course, to the Chefs, who clearly had every intention of delighting us! What an experience!

Although you made need to take out a second mortgage to cover the Bill, it’s one of those places that has ‘special’ written all over it – and just perfect for a unique celebration of any sort.


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