Dubrovnik (Croatia): Day 6 – Reflections…

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Morning Reader! It’s our last full day at Hotel Lapad in Dubrovnik, so thanks for stopping by and reading the final Blog!

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I’ve been getting over 60 reads-per-day so far – and on one particular day, over 80, so…
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As it’s our final day here in Dubrovnik, we didn’t do very much at all – a very enjoyable lazy morning. We spent it in the Hotel Garden soaking-up the (rapidly disappearing) rays. I caught up with many of my Radio 4 Podcasts including R4’s The Media Show and the US-based Android Central Podcast, whilst Ann caught up with news back home and various novels. Ultimately of course, there was the ‘joy of packing’ – but we’ve got that down to a fine art now!

The View from Sun-lounger No.3

The weather is deteriorating (ever-so-slightly) with rain – even thunderstorms – forecast for Saturday, so maybe tomorrow is a good time to be heading home!


It’s perhaps then, a perfect opportunity to reflect on our very first visit here to Dubrovnik.
So, here are our 20 ‘top-tips’ for first-timers here…

  • English is widely (and very well) spoken
  • Dubrovnik is very clean (we saw a home-owner sweeping up petals!)
  • It also feels very safe – especially at night
  • There are plenty of Restaurants (from ‘fine dining’ to ‘fast’). They are ALL popular, so it’s best to book in advance
  • Croatians tend to eat late(r), so if you want to guarantee a Table, eat before 8.30pm
  • Restaurants prefer cash, then cards, and if you’re lucky, Euros (but don’t rely on the last one)
  • Local currency is the Kuna – about 8-to-the-£
  • Expect Waiting Staff to take their job very seriously
  • There is only one dog here – a German Shepherd – it changes owners every few days
  • There are hundreds of cash-machines
  • Cash machines are outnumbered by cats
  • Sunset is approximately one hour earlier than back in the UK
  • It’s cheap – and easy – to travel by Bus (but make sure you sit near the red request stop button to avoid jeopardising your exit)
  • Queuing is a relatively new concept here – especially if you’re under 20
  • Driving style tends towards the erratic; indicators appear to be optional
  • Most drivers are respectful of those using zebra-crossings, but it’s not a ‘given’
  • The Old City Walls are a must-do, but better on a day when it’s below 25 degrees
  • Expect ‘tourist prices’ in the Old City
  • Free wi-fi is NOT a given when out and about in shops and restaurants, but in Hotels, it’s fast, reliable and free. No 4G though!
  • The weather during our stay, was more like August, according to the locals
“Doviđenja Dubrovnik, Croatia!”

Back to Blighty tomorrow then!
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