LNG Meeting/Mazza’s

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Took the train to St Pancras International heading for Rick’s flat and the last LNG meeting for 2007. It’s the first time I’ve been there since it officially opened.

After the meeting we chatted for ages and then headed for the Champagne Bar at St Pancras International after taking a tour round. What a fantastic station!! We arrived there at 4.30 and the six of us -Antoinette, Philip, Angela, June, Rick and I got through a bottle very quickly indeed!! The seats are heated…wow!

We were also filmed by a French TV company showing us enjoying the alcohol. Maybe they found it a novelty to find some Brits consuming alcohol and not fighting!! 🙂

After the champers we decided to eat at ‘Le Quotidien’ in St Pancras. Carey arrived a short while later – I haven’t seen her for ages and it was good to catch up. Initially, the restaurant was very busy, but after a while it emptied and took on a new character of a great restaurant to chill-out in.

We ate, we drank, we ate some more. We discussed many things from the excellent quality of the food to the benefits and irritation of text messaging! We eventually left the restaurant just after 8.30 – this allowed me to get the 9pm train home.

It was Paul R’s birthday earlier in the week and a small group of our neighbours plus Ann were heading for Mazza’s to celebrate. I was too full and too knackered to join them. I got home just after 10pm

We’re off to Mum’s tomorrow….

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