Christmas get-together at Tom and Julie’s

Reading time: < 1 minute...Here we are then, another in the continuing (and very enjoyable) neighbours’ pre-Christmas Dinners. So far, we’ve hosted at ours, dined at Rosi & David’s and we have Trish and John’s to look forward to next week! Tom was good enough to act as Chauffeur, and we were whisked from ours to theirs together with Paul, Karen and assorted food-stuffs just before 7.30. We took ‘walking-wear’ as we knew that by the time we had to head home, it would be a) late and b) colder Karen had weaved her magic with some tasty finger-starters and Julie prepared the main-course of Lamb, whilst Rosi and Ann did the desserts; Trish handled the cheese-board – all co-ordinated by Julie (with Tom on bartenders duties!) …and boy, what a feast it was! We had a real laugh, and although it’s not unusual for Tom to break into song at these get-togethers, Rosi joined in as well – and it was all very entertaining (in a good way) helped along with Julie and Tom’s latest addition to the family – Amazon’s Alexa. Great technology, although I think Tom and Alexa had a bit of a falling-out later, as Tom was spied whispering to their new toy resulting in some interesting songs being played as a result!! We chatted, we laughed, we sang (Rosi and Tom’s karaoke duet was unforgettable!) – and no doubt, we’ll do it all again when we’re round at Trish and John’s next Saturday. Not surprisingly, it was a late one too! (for us anyway!) – we walked home (in surprisingly mild weather) and finally met the pillow at 2.30am! 👍 Great friends! See you all next week for Part 2!!! ❤️

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