To the Moon and Back!

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Edward Moon - Stratford

Time for my three-monthly catch-up with Ian and Mags tonight. As a bonus, our two Anns came along too! That’s a first! We had a torturous journey there with a massive tailback on the M6 (which we cleverly avoided by using the ‘country route’) together with the mother-of-all-jams queuing to get into Stratford (which we didn’t!)

Restaurant of choice (eventually) this time was Edward Moon in Chapel Street, Stratford-upon-Avon. I didn’t think we’d been here before, but we had – back in September 2015, where I’d commented on the (great) quality of their pies!

The place was reasonably full when we got there at 7 (always a good sign!) and we were soon seated and studying the extensive menu. Whilst others were imaginative, I settled for the predictability of the Pie (‘Steak and Ale’ this time round) preceded by the Thai Fish Cakes (very spicy – just how I like ‘em!)

As usual, we all chosen wisely in terms of the venue – and our food choices didn’t disappoint either: we all had something different, and I bet that kept Chef on his toes!!

Next event in around three months’ time will be our Christmas ‘do’.

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