Chilled-out Saturday – Friends, Friends, Friends

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This was a weekend focussed on friends. Ann picked up Lee on Friday as she was staying with us until Sunday afternoon. Nicki joined us later on Saturday and we all piled off to the ever reliable Thornhill Arms for lunch.

The Thornhill Arms 
You can’t go wrong with prices like that! and although the food was its normal generous and tasty self – the service (very unusually) was so slow, we left before dessert. A quick email to the Pub resolved the matter and we’ve got a voucher for next time! Result!!!

Then it was back to ours for feet-up and a movie. As we’re changing our Sky boxes soon, rather like eating the content of a freezer before the new one arrives, we’re bingeing on past recordings before we lose them all! We settled down to a film we’d recorded and kept from a few years back called ‘Closed Circuit’ (2014) starring Eric Bana, (rather dishy – apparently), Jim Broadbent (not so much!) and Rebecca Hall (nope!)

Closed Circuit
A thoroughly good film!

After the film was over, Nicki said her goodbyes and we started to get ready for the Theatre!

Then it was off to Stratford-upon-Avon to see Noel Coward’s Private Lives. Our good friend Ian was directing, and tonight was their final performance at The Bear Pit

Private Lives - Second Thoughts' Production
It may not have been a storyline that I particularly warmed-to (I wouldn’t have called it a ‘romantic comedy – but most do!), but you couldn’t fault the production itself. Tonight played to a full-house as the actors all performed as if their (private?) lives depended on it, exploring every possible emotion – and for that, they deserve top marks. It was only a small cast – and so there was ‘more to do’ for them, but they did it all superbly. I’ve got great respect for actors who have to remember so many lines and who deliver it with such conviction. Powerful stuff!!

Private Lives at The Bear Pit

After a lie-in and a lazy morning, it was a full-on Sunday Roast in the expert hands of Ann and Lee. Delicious!
Sunday Roast
After dropping off Lee, it was a quick walk around Bosworth’s and then  back to ours for more Sky-Box-bingeing…

..before heading out for our daily walk.

It’s been a busy weekend and great to catch-up with friends.

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