Thank Folk it’s Friday!

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It’s been one of those weeks, that considering I’m retired, I seemed to be out more than in. And no, it wasn’t just ‘out for lunches’! Instead, I sorted out a friend’s two PCs as she made the jump to Windows 8, continued my computer-coaching class, met up with an ex-work colleague, as well as met a school chum (where we compared experiences as we were separated in school years by 25 years!), and continued work on a new web-site for a friend.

So, by the time Friday came, I felt like I’d been back in full-time employment! and there was no better way to celebrate the end of the week, than go out for a meal with friends.

We booked a table at The Vines (Kettering’s posh hotel & restaurant, and in walking distance) and joined Jo and Janet, reflecting on the week just gone. The Vines was in fine form, and although deserted when we arrived, was packed by the time we left. They’re obviously getting it right here, and tonight was no exception! Our food and service was the best it’s ever been!

Starters – Toasted Camembert

More Starters 🙂

Mains – Steak Pie

Alternative Starters: Guinness – My Weekly Ration

Dessert – More Chocolatey than Mr Chocolate from Chocolate Town

On the way out we spotted, Bobby, Stella and Heather in the Bar, and after a quick natter and catch-up we four staggered up the hill to home. It was a perfect end to a busy week!

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