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I always approach the Who Christmas Specials with some trepidation – it’s nearly always a broader audience watching (in this family at least), and the expectation is so high, given the frequency of trailers on TV leading up to the day. In recent years, I’ve taken to recording it, and then watching it on my own, just in case its weirdness is too much for the rest of the family!

On the plus side, you normally can’t go wrong with a script penned by Steven Moffat – and luckily, this festive-special was no exception – Lead script-writer and Who-head-honcho, has been responsible for some of the more iconic episodes from ‘new-Who’, and you can always guarantee he’ll provide an intelligent script and keep the audience guessing right until the end!

Well, this was a really good Christmas-special (for this Whovian anyway!) – just the right amount of festive flavour, together with some fine acting and an imaginative (if somewhat complex) storyline. These days, it’s worth ensuring that if you’re watching a Moffatt-script live, popping to the loo BEFORE it starts, is a must, as every second behind a closed door, is likely to mean you’ve missed something significant as the story progresses.

So, well done to everyone involved – it had all the essential ingredients – festive, family-friendly, watchable and mysterious! (with the bonus of knowing whether Jenna Coleman will continue into 2015).

I just dropped the rating by half-a-star, as it was perhaps a tad too complicated a storyline (or maybe it was simply that I had too much wine at lunch!)

Any comments?