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My new(ish) Windows Tablet developed a fault last night, that even I couldn’t solve – the firewall turned itself OFF and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to start again. My AV program refused to run properly (so I couldn’t check to see if I had any ‘nasties’!), and what’s more, for some obscure reason, the Tablet wouldn’t let me delete or reinstall my main Anti-Malware app either. 

I suspect a gremlin got in whilst the Firewall was down and crippled the AV and Malware apps. So, a massive ‘oooo-err missus’ from this end, whilst I worked out what to do next.

After many hours of faffing around with the Registry, enlisting some help online and generally crossing my fingers (how techy is that!), it became clear the Tablet was a basket-case, and the only route was to completely reinstall Windows, and then reinstall all my apps.

Well, it was my first experience of ‘restoring’ a Windows 8.1 Tablet, and I’m pleased to say it all went perfectly smoothly. Three hours later, we were back up-and-running with the Firewall, AV and anti-Malware apps behaving themselves too!


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