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Eric and Little Ern
five star

As part of their UK tour, we saw ‘Eric and Little Ern’ at The Royal Theatre in Northampton.

Almost a full-house – and what a performance! The physical, visual and aural similarities to this iconic comedy duo were amazing – almost bordering on creepy. They had the all the mannerisms, the ad-libs and the rapport down to absolute perfection, and it could have so easily been the REAL Morecambe and Wise up there doing their comedy magic.

Both Ian Ashpitel (Ernie Wise) and Jonty Stephens (Eric Morecambe) did a BRILLIANT job of transporting us back to a time when humour didn’t rely on swearing, bodily fluids and ridicule! The audience were in stitches, I guess proving that this sort of ‘gentler’ humour still works with a modern (and also somewhat younger) audience.

Unbelievably brilliant!!!!

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