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The Exotic Dining Restaurant, Kettering

We met up with our good friends Paul and Sue and headed to our fave Indian Restaurant – The Exotic Dining, in town. Since Mazza’s closed earlier this year, this is now our restaurant of choice when ‘going Indian’. It was their first visit, so we hoped it would go well.

As always, the food was delicious – and the menu, as exciting as it’s always been (Rabbit or Kangaroo anyone?). The only thing that tops the taste is the presentation – the food always looks fantastic. The only slight disappointment was our Waiter’s unfortunate accident where he managed to catapult at speed, my almost full pint of beer in Sue’s direction, soaking her and embarrassing himself in equal measure. We moved tables, whilst they mopped-up the flood – and we continued to enjoy our food.

After a bit of prompting, they offered to reduce the bill as a slight compensation – red faces all round (and that was nothing to do with the chillies in the curry!).

Still, it was a good experience overall, and in spite of Sue’s  ‘baptism-by-beer’, we’ll be going back again!

Any comments?