Children-in-Need Weekend – Day 1

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pudsey We travelled over to Mundesley, as we did last year to take part in Caroline and Andrew’s Children-in-Need weekend at their B and B.

This year’s theme is Abba/The 70s, so Ann and I bought some appropriate clothing from eBay. Scary stuff! Shoes that you need oxygen to wear and lycra body-suit that shows off all my curvy bits (including the bits that I don’t want shown off!!)

Ann got away early from work and I picked her up at 2.30. A quick turn round and we were ready to leave just before 3.30. The journey was – as predicted – horrendous! The lack of dual-carriageways and slow-moving vehicles meant it took us around three hours to get to Caroline and Andrew’s. Still, we were first to arrive, followed not long after by Bob and Sally (also from Kettering), who we had not met before. We chatted for a while, had something to drink and then we unpacked. This year we’re staying in ‘Lilac’ which looks out onto the front of the B and B.

It was good to see the kids – Laura, George, Emma and Jack – again…and also the dogs – Ali and Freddie – still as manic as ever!!

The rest of the ‘gang’ turned up much later – around 8ish. David, Rosi, Stefan and Debbie and Rosie (who we’d also not met before). Andrew went to the Fish and Chip shop and we finished the evening, chatting and ODing on mushy peas!

We were earlier to bed this year and all tucked up by 10.30. It’ll be a busy – but fun – day tomorrow. Brekky at 8.30 followed by a walk on the beech, then the Pub, then dressing up in our 70s gear!

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