Strada’s – Meal with Ian and Mags

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Ahhhh, nice beer!

Ann as working from home today, so that meant I could borrow the car!

I drove over to Stratford to meet up with Ian and Mags for our three-monthly eatathon and to catch-up with each others’ news.

I met Ian at his place and we walked (yes, I know, a rare experience for me! – but it was very pleasant) into town, just as it started to rain. Ian had booked the restaurant – Strada’s – that’s now on the site of where the Pizza Hut used to be. The food and service was superb – for me, it was probably the best Italian meal I’ve had in a long while.

Time whizzed by as it always does and so we said our goodbyes, and Ian and I strolled back to my car, dodging the rain. It was light traffic going home and so I was indoors just before 10.

It was great catching-up, and it’s my turn to book somewhere this end for next time.

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