Gift Man meets Voucher Woman

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It’s official: I AM turning into a Pensioner as I find myself becoming attracted to money-off deals for food!
King's Cross
It was off to London today to meet Sally B for our regular ‘catch-up and for me to handover the last of my management books. We met at King’s Cross and then took the short walk to Pizza Express in Euston Road.

Although the initial welcome was pretty c***, (simply stating: ‘We have a table booked for two’ seemed to send the waitress into complete confusion, and it took her and the two chefs a few minutes to confirm we were OK to sit down). Fortunately, the food was as usual, excellent, and so was the rest of the service.

Financially speaking, it couldn’t have got much better as Sally had vouchers and I had a gift card – the total bill was therefore zero! Perfect!

Then it was back to St Pancras International for me and the ‘1.30’, whilst Sally headed off in the direction of Covent Garden. Ann picked me up and I was indoors in plenty of time to catch-up with various bits and pieces.

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