Sea-Dogs, Cider and Elbow Grease

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Buckden Marina

Having practised my ‘poirate’ accent all week, David and I took the short drive to Buckden Marina to spend the morning cleaning and preparing Osprey One (David’s boat) for the sailing season ahead. It was a gorgeous day, probably the warmest so far this year, and that made the morning even more enjoyable.

We met Robbie, a salty-old-sea-dog, who lives on a narrow-boat and who was currently moored further up the jetty. He was almost a permanent resident, having sold his house a few years back and invested most of the money in a new Mercedes and  making the narrow-boat his home. He was a real character and during the five or so hours we were there, we got to know him quite – he even joined us for lunch on board – he brought the cider, we brought the bacon rolls. Perfect!

Osprey One

By 2pm, we’d cleaned the boat from top to bottom – and it was looking great – and I was feeling knackered (I haven’t worked so hard for ages!) We said our goodbyes to Robbie and jumped in the car heading for home. I was in by 3 and asleep by 3.15!!!

I must be getting old!!!

Who me?

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