Quattro to Prezzo

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Crab Cakes!

As I’m now sans-car, Ian and Mags drove over to ours for our three-monthly catch-up. Our destination was Prezzo in Kettering, the town’s newest restaurant sited (spookily) in the recently developed restaurant quarter. Ann was able to join us after a bat-out-of-hell drive back from Sheffield.

In convoy, we headed into town and parked in the council car-park and took the short (but freezing cold) walk to the restaurant.

It was a good job we pre-booked as the place was very busy when we arrived. If this is what they’re like during a recession, it would be interesting to see how much busier they will be in normal economic conditions.

We were soon seated on a rather snug table-for-four that just about had enough room for all the glassware and menus (note to self – ‘book a larger table if possible next time’). The menu looked enticing, but more importantly, so did the food! Ian’s got a Lent-List, and so have I, so choosing something suitable was extra challenging for us two – and when the food arrived, the site of me with a side-salad, caused some collective jaw-dropping from the girls!

We managed starters, mains and desserts as well as coffee before calling it a night and getting the bill. Curiously, my maths-skills left me, and I found it difficult to simply work out the total divided by four – it must have been painful to watch!

Eventually, we sorted it all out and headed back to the cars. We pointed Ian and Mags in the direction of the A14, whilst we headed home.

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