Lunch at ‘The Windmill’

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The Windmill





I drove over to Peterborough to catch-up with Alison W. As a change from lunching at John Lewis, as we normally do, we headed for The Windmill in Orton Waterville, for a change.

Well, it was certainly different. The first of which was hardly any customers! Strange really, as it’s a big place, plenty of tables and a big climbing frame thingy outside for the kids. It felt like we were rattling around in it, and even the piano in the entrance, although playing, didn’t have a pianist (one of those new fangled automatic ones).

So we headed for our table and we were soon clutching the menus. After a thorough briefing from our Waiter, we both opted for the ‘dish-of-the-day’, Chicken Pie – but it turned out not to be available. Still, no matter – what they lacked in pie and atmosphere, we more than made up for in catching-up with each others’ news. We’ve certainly both been busy!!!

Having demolished the sausages and mash (Alison) and Chicken with a bacon wrapping in mushroom sauce (me), we headed in the direction of the dessert menu. Cheesecake for both of us, but they both lacked a certain something – but at least mine had chocolate on it!!!

The time flew, as it always does when there’s lots to chat about, and by 2pm, we were signing the bill and then heading for the car-park to battle the rain – whatever happened to Summer??

We plan to get together again early next year probably February or March.

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