Lunch with Phil H/Julie’s PC/The Weekend starts here

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The Pheasant - Keystone
Phil H cancelled lunch at the last moment – I’m getting a bit concerned for him as ever since he went back to full-time work, he’s cancelled every get-together we’ve planned – he’s obviously under a lot of pressure!

Julie popped round, she now has a shiny new, old, PC with the majority of her programs installed and working. There are a few tiny issues outstanding, but this job has easily  been the smoothest, most trouble-free rebuilds I’ve done. Interestingly, what took the longest, was the 102  (yes, 102!) Windows updates, amounting to 933 Mb of files. With our sluggish internet connection speed here, it took most of yesterday (and overnight) to download them all and install them – phew!

The weekend got off to a cracking start – we booked a table at our fave pub/restaurant – ‘The Pheasant’ at Keyston and it didn’t disappoint – the food was as good as ever even though the place appears to be under new management!  The highlight for me, was my dessert – iced apple crumble with warm toffee sauce. Yum yum!!!

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