Tobago Cays – Lunch on the Beach

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We had a later breakfast and then took the Tender to the beach. It was another gorgeous day, although thankfully, slightly cooler than yesterday – only 26 degrees!
View from the Tender heading towards Tobago Cays
The beach was your typical ‘Robinson Crusoe’ type, sand, sand, palm-trees and more sand. Perfect!!!

“South of Canouan and west of Mayreau lie the Tobago Cays islands, like giant turtle shells rising from the crystal clear water. The coral reefs are an unforgettable experience for all visitors…”

We seemed to be one of the first to arrive, so we therefore managed to get the pick of the shady-spots and after being lent a rake from a local, created a nice area between two trees for the four of us – perfect..just enough sun and shade! We chilled out there as the island began to fill-up and before long, lunch was waiting!

The Ship’s catering team had laid on an impressive spread – salads…burgers…ribs…hot-dogs…tea…coffee…Coke…fruit juices…rum-punch as well as bread-and-butter pudding…chocolate cake and lots more desserts.

Blue is the colour...We finished our lunch, chilled-out for half-an-hour or so, then caught the Tender back to the ship admiring the blue-ness of the water along the way. 

We laid out on deck in the shade for an hour-or-so reading waiting for the ship to sail at 4pm. The main excursion from the Island was late back, so we didn’t get away until 4.30.

Dinner in the restaurant again tonight. It was a pirate theme and a lot of the guests and ALL the staff dressed-up accordingly – our waiter spent the evening with a cutlass through him!!! It was another good meal – we all had steak. After the meal, we resisted the temptation to watch the crab-race at 10pm as we were all quite tired.

The Ship is now heading for the islands of St Vincent and Bequia and we dock at St Vincent by 8am tomorrow.

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