The Island of Grenada

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We woke just after 7, to a cloudy-ish sky – I wonder if it’ll rain? The Ship docks in Grenada today around 12 noon – it’s the smallest independent country in the western hemisphere and is home to 160000 residents. St Georges is the capital and home to The Carenage, noted as ‘the most beautiful harbour in the Caribbean’.

Ahoy, Captain Ralph!
After breakfast, Ralph climbed the rigging on the ship whilst the rest of us watched!

We decided to spend the rest of the morning reading and settled in the Piano Lounge – only to find it converted into a AV presentation area a short time later, for the Captain to recount his life as a salty old sea-dog!!

I had a short snooze whilst Ann visited the Gym, then we all had lunch. Afterwards, we boarded the Tender and headed for Grenada and The Carenage area. The cloud has given way to a really hot day. It’s 2.15 and already about 80 degrees.

We’d been here before, on another cruise, but it’s changed quite a lot and now has a dedicated cruise terminal. Lots of shops and totally free internet access – pity I didn’t bring the lap-top from the cabin! Everywhere we looked, there were people making use of this free facility – I don’t think I ever seen so many laptops in one place (apart from PC World!!)

We wandered into the town – a really busy, bustling place. full of life! The residents obviously like sounding their car horns and were using it to denote ‘get out of the way’, ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, ‘want a taxi?’ and more-or-less any type of initial communication!

Ahh...a beer please!!! It’s getting even hotter – now 85 degrees – and we wandered right round The Carenage, before turning round and finding the nearest Bar. After seeking refuge there from the heat for about 45 minutes we made our way back to the Terminal and luckily, there was a Tender just arriving. We were back on the ship by 4.15, just in time for a rest before our evening meal.

Steel Band

We’re going to try and stay-up tonight – until 10pm!!!! – as there is a steel band coming aboard. I thought I’d be OK, but as 10 approached, I was just too shattered, so I hit the pillow around 9.45. Apparently, they were very good.

It’s the island of Tobago Cays tomorrow and lunch will be a beach BBQ.

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