No TV Times and two types of Radio Times – ehh?

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rt2009-1 rt2009-2  I usually like to buy a copy of both the Radio Times and TV Times and compare how they’ve covered various programmes during the festive season.

I didn’t think I’d left it too late this year, but obviously I did, (in fact, looking back to last year, I bought them during the first week of December in 2008). I managed to get a copy of the RT, but not the TVT. And just to make things more complicated, there seems to be TWO versions of the Radio Times being distributed this year, each with a slightly different cover – can you spot the difference? ‘simples’ ehh?…and more importantly why did they do this…? As far as I know, it’s the first time there has ever been different covers – still, it evened up the blog nicely!! 🙂

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