Catch-up with Ian and Mags

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aqua_coventry I drove over to Coventry tonight to meet up with Ian and Mags – it’s our normal get together/catch-up – the last time we all saw each other socially was at our Christmas ‘do’ on December 15th last year.

We went to Aqua Food and Mood in Coventry. It’s a Lebanese Restaurant (that also does Italian food) and Ian and I went there for lunch way back in March 2007. Ian had a money-off voucher, so that made our visit even more attractive!

It was pretty quiet when we arrived around 7pm, but soon filled-up. We skipped the starters and went straight for the main course – a good move, as the mains were very generous!

We spent most of the time catching-up on each others’ news and before knew it, it was time for coffee and mints. We set a date and venue for our next catch-up and left around 9pm.

I had a good journey back as they hadn’t quite got around to closing the A14 for the regular overnight roadworks and so I was in by 10pm.

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