eBay PDA and a bad day for technology!

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The PDA I won on eBay turned up and it looks great. However for reasons too complicated to describe here, after an initial ‘OK’ with the phone, it now won’t recognise the O2 sim card. Bugger! …and my first attempt at restoring all my data failed too with the device freezing in the final stages of the restore process. Oh joy! 🙁

I tried again and was a little bit more successful this time. I restored the data but minus the stuff – the databases – that froze it last time. The good news? it 99.9% restored everything OK. The bad news? The phone now STILL can’t ‘see’ my sim card – strange! The two events shouldn’t be related, so I’ve no idea what’s going on. The seller is going to let me have a file that’ll re-unlock it, and I’ll try again. Actually, he sent me a link to those good old boys (and girls) at xda-developers.com…but it said NOT to use the file on WM6.1 (which is what mine was upgraded to). Then I was advised to replace the ROM – Noooooo..that’s well out of my comfort zone.

12.10 The phone rang and it was O2 telling me that my PDA had been replaced by a new one! Howzat? In a previous post they said they didn’t do that anymore. Anyway, I braved the traffic into town and picked up my new phone – except it was the old phone (I know because of the slight dent on one side of it). The back-cover hadn’t been returned, so they found me a spare. Luckily, I’d remembered to take the sim card with. They checked it, and it was OK.

It’s now 1.30 and so far I’ve wasted all day and achieved nothing. The replacement PDA is currently in ‘restore-mode’ and we’ll see how that turns out!

2.15 The restore worked more or less 100%. Strangely, it didn’t restore the start menu setting nor my email account – but they were easily sorted!

4.30 All PIM data restored to the device – there’s just a few ‘little-bits’ now to sort.

And if all this wasn’t enough, the new 16Gb SD card I bought for the NetBook can’t be read by Windows XP Home…!

It’s not been a good day and it’s not helped by me having a cold.

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