Salvation Army – Christmas Concert

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Mum and I drove into town to see David perform in the annual Salvation Army Christmas Concert – Ann was still suffering with her cold and chose to stay behind. We met Jo, Janet and Jo’s Mum, Helen in the JS car-park and took the short-walk to the Salvation Army venue.

I wasn’t sure what to expect being my first visit there – I knew the singing would be good! This was the 6.30 performance – there had been one at 2.30 and one at 4.30 plus the normal Sunday Service. No-one should ever say that the Sally Army don’t work hard!

What a thoroughly pleasant enjoyable experience. The place was packed – I reckon about 200 people were there. There was a ‘senior’ Salvation Army band – brilliant! A small choir – also brilliant. A young Salvation Army Band (kids of early teens, I reckon) – brilliant!

A Nativity Scene complete with sprogs dressed as donkeys and shepherds etc – ahhh brilliant!

There was also an opportunity to sing along with some of the carols with the words appearing on a big screen, so everyone could see the words. There was also a couple of prayers said. Finally, there were two separate ‘stories’ illustrating the meaning of Christmas – Brilliant (in that they didn’t ‘preach’)

(note to self: stop using the word ‘brilliant’) 🙂

They had a collection for ‘Goats for Africa’ and across the three events today had collected around 1200 quid!

I definitely will be going next year…!

PS We caught up with ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ on SkyPlus. Tom Chambers won – surprisingly in our view – we think it should have gone to Lisa Snowdon!

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