Holiday – Day 5 – Ranch Visit

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We’re off on another tour today. It’s a full-day trip! We met our Guide ‘Natalia’ in the hotel lobby and we set off. The day was overcast (which was a bit of a surprise as the forecast for lots of sun).

It was a long drive from the hotel – almost one-and-a-half hours, but I passed the time catching up with various podcasts.

We stopped off for a coffee along the way – strange coffee though! Chocolate/Coffee/Syrupy consistency.

We took a short break and a walk in San Antonio de Areca where there was a silver museum and factory. Then onto the Ranch – ‘El Hambru’ where we spent the rest of the day. I even got a chance to ride a horse – scary! (mostly for the horse!!!!)

Then it started to rain just as we made our way back to the Hotel. We said our good-byes to Natalia and then started to get ourselves organised for leaving at 3.30am tomorrow!!

Fortunately, the Butler had done a splendid job of packing everything for us – including all the clothes we had put aside for tomorrow’s travel :))

We had a short in-room snack with Karen and Ralph, paid the bill at Reception, packed the last bits and took an early night.

It’s been a great stay in Argentina. The people are great, the service levels are excellent and everything was a lot cheaper than we thought. Perfect!

Brazil tomorrow!!!

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