Six Days in Cyprus (2022) – Day 4

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Day 4 – Saturday, 5th November

8.33am: Morning all! It’s another day in Paradise! But I do feel a bit fragile after last night’s celebrations! (I know, ‘poor love!’) 🥱. We’re on our 4th day (of 6) here at the Annabelle Hotel in Paphos.

Oh no! Not more sunshine! 😎

Cyprus – Four Days in…

Arrival in Cyprus (Tuesday)

Day 1 (Wednesday)

Day 2 (Thursday)

Day 3 (Yesterday)

📸 Camera Roll 📸

The view from Saturday’s breakfast table!

9.20am: Off to breakfast!

The view from Sun-lounger no. 101

10.20am: Yes, it’s that time again – find a Sun-lounger! It’s significantly quieter here today, so that was easy! Nothing left to do now except wade through Saturday’s Telegraph and catch up with all the news (I think we’ve only had the TV on once, since we arrived last Tuesday!)

12.55pm: That’s enough Sun for me for one day. There is that saying: “Having too much of a good thing!”

2.15pm: Time for our statutory siesta! 💤💤

Make mine a Pimm’s!

7.32pm: Yes, it’s that time of day again, if anyone needs us, we’re to be found in the Bar! 😁

The Amorosa Restaurant

8.00pm: As we’re slowly (and enjoyably) working our way through the numerous restaurants here at the Annabelle during our stay, tonight, we headed for a bit of ‘fine dining’ (actually, they’ve all been fine so far, but you get my drift!). Tonight, it’s a visit to Amorosa.

We opted for the Chef’s Suggested menu – a mighty feast, but we four do love these sorts of challenges! 😉

We ate outside, near the Pool

The setting was perfect. Around a dozen tables neatly grouped around the pool with subtle LED table lighting. It was a pleasant temperature with no sign of any ‘flying beasties’ (who have occasionally made their presence felt during our stay).

Service was a bit on the ‘relaxed’ side, and it was almost 9pm before they took our order, but was it worth the wait? Well, yes, mostly, apart from the Carrot & Ginger Soup which lacked two vital ingredients – Carrot and Ginger! The rest was very tasty. The Waiter took the feedback well and promised to let the ‘Big Chef’ know (his words). And in case you’re wondering, there was no liquorice with the sherbet! 🤔

Mindful that they had disappointed us with the Soup, they gave us an extra ‘course’ of Petit Fours (like we needed even more calories!) 😁

10.36pm: Well, that was an enjoyable meal (apart from the soup course!). Whilst Paul & Sue headed for the Bar, we turned-in for the night.

Tomorrow, in the morning, it’s more of the same! You know the drill – Breakfast followed by some sun-worshipping. Then, we’re off to meet up with Geoff & Rhonda to discuss the next Northant’s Nutters event in 2023! Night Night! 😴😴

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