Coldplay in Concert from Buenos Aires (2022)

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We went to see Coldplay in Concert from Buenos Aires – and it only took us 20 minutes to get there! šŸ¤”

How so? Well, on the 29th, their performance was being beamed to a range of UK cinemas!

So, together with Jo and Janet we headed for the local Odeon for the 7pm performance. It wasn’t quite live ā€“ they replayed the 7pm concert from the previous night ā€“ which was a mild disappointment, but whatever! The performance came from the gigantic River Plate Stadium in Argentina – and it was absolutely packed! We reckon pretty much ALL of the 67,432 seats were taken.

And that was in complete contrast to here in Screen 3 where there were just 37 of us!! šŸ˜®

A little bit of background first! Coldplay have championed sustainability for quite a while now, and where this, their 2022 Global ‘tour’ Music of the Spheres reflected that. Rather than embark on an actual tour, this performance was being beamed around the world over two days ā€“ The list of countries is HERE – and it’s impressive. Continuing the sustaiability theme, there were fans on special bicycles at the venue helping to top-up the rechargeable batteries being used to power the concert. Most of the audience were wearing special wristbands that were biodegradable and DHL, who managed the logistics, wherever possible used electric vehicles to transport everything.

I wouldn’t say I’m a proper Coldplay fan, but tonight might just have changed all that! Masterminded by creative director Phil Harvey, the Band: vocalist and pianist Chris Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, drummer Will Champion performed their socks off at this truly global event.

Chris Martin as Coldplay’s frontman came across as a thoroughly decent bloke and IMO, redefined showman. He engaged with the massive audience from the word go, regularly conversing in both Spanish and English and created mass sing-alongs at every opportunity. If someone had told me beforehand, I’d be watching him duetting with a Muppet, I might have found a reason not to go, but do you know what? It worked really well! šŸ˜‰

Chris was an energetic soul and bounced (and ran) around the stage, never missing a beat for the whole of his performance. His voice too, held for the whole of the show ā€“ not easy with some of Coldplay’s top notes! Brilliant! It was just great to see a Band performing for the love of the music and the love of their fans ā€“ rather than attempting to satisfy some over-inflated egos!

Powering through pretty much EVERY hit from Coldplay’s back catalogue, they were supported by an incredible light show (mainly from the aforementioned wristbands that pulsated and changed colour throughout) together with some amazing ā€“ if sometimes dizzying ā€“ camerawork. Their whole performance lasted just under two-hours where, towards the end, they introduced their special guests: H.E.R., BTS’ Jin (his final performance before taking up his conscription in the South Korean Army!).

Finally, following a politically-charged statement about the unrest in Iran, they performed with actress Golshifteh Farahani, and sang Baraye, a Farsi song by Iranian pop singer Shervin Hajipour. Finally, they emotionally (re)performed one of their first hits: Don’t Panic from back in 2000.

With global energy in a mess, is this the future of ‘big’ concerts? Quite possibly! It certainly ticked our boxes – at least, we only had a ten-minute journey home! OK, it wasn’t quite as good as actually being there, but it was pretty close. Just one minor criticism! Given that the Screen we were in had a serious amount of loudspeakers, it was a shame that the sound only came from the front. Having said that, we had a great time! A highly polished performance with the Band enjoying every second and the audience too!

Catch it online! šŸ‘

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