The Cecilian Singers’ Carol Concert 2010

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We’ve been going to this concert in Leicester for a few years now  and it really gets us in the ‘christmassy mood’. It was being held at the rather splendid Church – St Philip’s, in Evington Road/Evington Lane in Leicester.

I left around 5.30 and picked-up Val and Joan and then went onto the station for Ann who’d just got back from Nottingham. It was a hassle-free journey there apart from a bit of congestion on the A14 because of a broken-down car. On arrival, as always, parking was a nightmare and we ended up dropping the car in a side street in more-or-less the same place as last year.

The surprise when we got inside, was that the area where the choir sang last year was now being refurbished with a new heating system  and so it couldn’t be used for part one of the event. It was apparently a surprise to the choir too!

So, we all assembled in the ‘other half’ of the Church and Jeremy Jackman and his choir did what they do best and took us through a very varied musical journey. For us, the outstanding piece was the flower song sung by Caroline Essex and Lynne Holland – oooh, my eyes started to leak during their singing!

The food was pretty good too, and all-in-all, it was a great event, but I can’t help think that Jeremy and the choir must have been a little frustrated at the last-minute venue switch.

It finished at around 10.30 and we were back indoors by 11.20 – hmmm, why was the A14 so empty tonight?

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