Bach in Cranford

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Cranford Hall

It was a beautiful Summer’s evening (rare this year, so far), and we took the short drive to Cranford Hall – about 10 minutes away – to see Fiori Musicali perform their evening of Bach pieces. Tonight there was just four in the ‘Band’ – playing harpsichord, cello, recorder and violin. The event was very well-supported with about 100 people in the audience (although, we did appear to be the youngest by quite some margin: note to self “die hair white for next time, in order to fit in”!)

The Concert started at 7.30, and after a 20-minute interval (where we  got to look round the grounds) it was just before 9.30 when they finished their final piece. All-in-all, it was a very enjoyable event and good to see musicians so passionate about their craft – and you can’t NOT fail to be impressed by their leader and Creative Director, Penelope Rapson whose enthusiasm is infectious!

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