Beckworth’s beckons…

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Those from around these parts will already know of Beckworth’s – or to give it its full title: Beckworth Emporium. For once, Emporium sounds like an accurate description! ?

For those of my readers outside the area, think old-school supermarket plus an expansive (but not expensive) garden centre, all topped-off with a rather sizeable eatery. Oh, and at Christmas, they add an ice-rink!

The supermarket layout and style is the sort that features a wide range of goods (with an unrivalled range of ready-meals) together with a couple of face-to-face service areas that include a meat counter featuring real Butchers (if you’re in a hurry, so much more efficient than deceased ones!) ?

We haven’t been here for a while, and today’s excuse (not that we need one!) was to sample their Afternoon Tea with neighbours and friends, David & Val – with the added bonus of a voucher that we received as a gift at Christmas from Derek & Lydia

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