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The Olde Victoria

Well, not really! But visiting the same Pub – the Olde Victoria – within the same week does sound kind of excessive! OK, we weren’t there for the beer, but we were there for the food and company! 😀

On this occasion, catching up with friends, Richard and Pauline (who we haven’t seen since December last year) – and yes, back then, that was at the Olde Victoria too! I’m as predictable as ever, but you can’t fault her Majesty’s food and service, so why wouldn’t we? 😀

No need to comment about the food – it was excellent as always!

But it would have been rude not to test the Desserts, just to be sure! 👍

It was good to meet up again after all this time and we’ve agreed to do it all again after Christmas!

With all that food, an afternoon stroll was in order, so after a quick change of clothes, it was out again…

…for a swift two-miler! (when all I really wanted to do was have a nap!)?. Well, at least that’s one chip’s worth burned off!! ☹️

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