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A short drive to Stanford Hall just before Lunch today at the invitation of Tarratt (now Pragnell) the Jewellers.

It was a cold start to the day, but turned out to be perfect weather (and occasion) to let the Cat out of the bag for a few hours! (and judging by the cars in the car-park last time we went, the Jaguar fitted in nicely!). This was a posh event… men-in-black on the doors looking somewhat menacing and the whole of the ground floor kitted out with Pragnell’s serious bling of all shapes and sizes – and to suit every wallet and purse! (providing they were on the LARGE size!)

Why the invitation? Well, our guess is that having bought our wedding rings and other shiny bits-and-bobs from Tarratt’s in Leicester, we’re ‘on their list’. They had a similar event two years ago and we managed to have a good look round – and not spend a bean!
And today, was very much the same… lots of pretty, shiny stuff… but the wallet and purse remained firmly in the dark!

Just as we were about to leave though, we cracked and spied a rather attractive ring for Ann. We didn’t do the deal today, but we’re making an appointment to visit their store in Leicester before Christmas.
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The only downside to today was that as I parked the car, I managed to get my reading-glasses caught in my seatbelt (yes, really!) and in conjunction with my open driver’s window managed to catapult them out of the car, to somewhere in Leicestershire! We looked around the immediate area, and slightly further afield, but there was no sign of them!

On both counts then, quite a spectacle today!

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