Neighbours’ Festive Get-together 2016 – John and Trish’s

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You can’t really go wrong with one of John and Trish’s traditional Christmas meals!

They’ve been a regular event these past few years and we love ‘em! Not only is the food fantastic, but it’s another great opportunity to get together with the neighbours for a chat and catch-up – well, we haven’t done that since err, last week!
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Trish’s emphasis is always on the traditional side of Christmas food, and tonight was no different. Roast Turkey, Sprouts, Carrots, Roasties AND Boiled Potatoes, Yorkies, Broccoli, Parsnips and Cauliflower were all fighting for space on our overflowing plates!

…and then TWO types of Christmas Pudding…

…and then the legendary neighbour-sourced Cheese-Board!

The whole gang were there – minus  Tom and Julie, who had a wedding to go to (c’mon, who gets married at this time of year ehh?!!)
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The alcohol may have helped, but we had such a laugh. Before we knew it, it was late… very late – or very early, depending on your viewpoint – as it was 1.45am before walked through the front door. I have a feeling my head will be throbbing tomorrow!

John/Trish – Thank-you! You did us proud!
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