Christmas Begins

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Radio Times 2015
TV Times 2015

Weโ€™ve all got different triggers for when Christmas officially begins – is it when the Supermarkets start putting out their Christmas lines, your first Christmas lunch, the BBC Christmas ident is seen for the very first time, or when a bit of tinsel starts appearing on a website. For me, itโ€™s when the Christmas TV Times and Radio Times go on sale. I think itโ€™s a throwback to my childhood, when Dad used to bring them home as a treat. First job then was frantically searching through the schedules, circling our favourite programmes. Itโ€™s much the same now!
These days both publications are massive (mainly down to the fact that both can show the same information, unlike back in the stone-age where RT listed only the BBC stuff whilst TVT, listed the commercial channel. Add the multi-channel universe that we live in today, and you have them both running into hundreds of pages. Last year, the Radio Times sported 292 pages whilst the TV Times languished in second place with just 196 โ€“ and this year, they had exactly the same page-count โ€“ coincidence?

So, all thatโ€™s left to do now is to plough through them both, and Christmas preparations (or part of them anyway), are sorted!

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