Duxford Day, Neighbours’ Night

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We were up with the lark this morning as it’s a packed programme!

Duxford Day
First stop: Duxford, where we were lucky enough to get a private tour of the exhibits, courtesy of a fellow OCA member, John Kershaw, who is a volunteer there.

It was a freezing cold day (and at Duxford, it always feels even colder!), but we made the best of it, and Lee even got to have her first test-drive of a mobility-Scooter (that John had thoughtfully laid on). There was so much to see – I think we’d forgotten how packed with planes this place is! It was great looking round all the hangars, and great to see how tall he exhibits had been so lovingly restored. Luckily we weren’t outside that much, but just long enough to think it would have been even better if it had been 10 degrees warmer! Brrrrr!!!!!

After taking a thorough look round John’s favourite – Hangar 4 (WWII), and drooling over the recently acquired, perfectly restored, Mk 1A Spitfire, we had a quick lunch together, then a final look round at the conservation hangar. By then the weather was deteriorating, so we called it a day, said our goodbyes to John, and had a final mooch round the Shop.

Neighbours’ Night

Wow! What a night! Great food (as always) and great company (as always!). The Gang was all there (minus Trish, who was off visiting her Mum) – Tom, Julie, John, Rosi, David plus Al and Julie and of course, our Hosts – Paul and Karen.

Karen weaved her magic with the Starters and Mains (meat, meat and more meat …and meatballs) whilst Ann did Desserts – Cranberry Trifle and that Filo pastry thing from Nigella earlier in the week. We discussed everything from ‘who loads the dishwasher’ and ‘why is it always the Man?’ to Julie’s take on the secret to successful soccer management. Everyone was in great spirits and the evening passed in a flash – after midnight for us is unusual!

Thanks everyone – it was great to see you all!

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