Life’s a (Kettering) Beach

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It was a lovely day here today, so Ann and I met up with David and Val where our plan was to have lunch at The Vines after a walk round Wicksteed Park.

Kettering Beach
Costa del Kettering

Considering Wicksteed Park is on our doorstep, we don’t take advantage of its facilities perhaps as much as we could. Certainly, if you’re not into train rides, zip wires, pirate ships and the like, there’s still plenty to enjoy – the lake area is particularly nice, and with its £3 million Heritage Lottery Grant, it now sports a beach (sort of!). Yes, really!

Although when we got there, it was a much smaller area than I imagined – about half a dozen deck-chair capacity at most – and no sign of any donkeys! Still, you don’t often see ‘Kettering’ and ‘Beach’ in the same sentence, so it was worth a look!

Then it was off to the main event – the other easily-walkable venue – The Vines, at Barton Hall  – and it didn’t disappoint. This was a perfect way to spend a Sunday (after a hard day on the beach!)

Scrummy Menu!
Scrummy Menu

Fish on Sunday!
I know my Plaice!

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