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Christmas Radio Times 2014

Christmas TV Times 2014

For me, Christmas begins when the Festive editions of the TV Times and Radio Times are out. Most years, it’s pretty easy to secure both at the same time, but bizarrely, this year, on Saturday, there were plenty of RTs everywhere, but no TVTs. After a bit of shopping around, I tracked down the TV Times today.

In ancient times, TV geeks like me needed both, because TV Times only covered commercial television, whilst Radio Times covered the BBC.

So, strictly speaking, they are now duplicates of each other, but it’s become so much of an annual habit, I still buy both! No doubt, much to the delight of the Publishers! Kerrrrrching!

This year, the TV Times sports 196 pages, whilst the Radio Times weighs in with a hefty 292. Now the serious work of scrutinising the schedules, to find the best televisual treats for Christmas 2014 begins!
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