Meal at the Finch’s Arms

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Extensive menu at the Finch's Arms

Time for our monthly meal with David and Valerie. This time it was a visit to Finchs Arms in Hambleton, Oakham – our first visit. It’s a 17th Inn with a small Bar and a largish Restaurant.

David agreed to drive, and with it getting darker much earlier now, it felt like a really long journey with a lot of straight, twisty and unlit roads to make the journey more interesting! We arrived just after 8 (after abandoning the sat-nav and relying on David’s human compass). The small car-park was already at capacity. Maybe that was a good sign!

It was!! Inside, the place was packed, but we were quickly shown to our table and we settled down to study the menu. It all looked good and we opted for starters and mains. Our taste buds weren’t disappointed and both courses got our collective approval (although the wait-time between them felt like ages!).

By the time we left at 9.30, we were stuffed and satisfied in equal measure and it was certainly a place we’d recommend. We reckon it would be even more enjoyable on a warm Summer’s afternoon, where we would been able to sit outside and admire the view.

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