Meal with Ian and Mags

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The Swan at Lamport
Our three-monthly catch-up saw us frequenting The Swan at Lamport (or is it the Lamport Swan?) tonight. We haven’t been there since the last time we three got together back in December 2008 and I think we’d all forgotten how good the food was. I arrived around the same time as Mags and Ian followed soon after, on the dot of 7.15.

We were given a warm welcome and were soon perusing the menu – and what a menu! It was difficult to know what to choose! But choose we did, and the efficient service allowed us to concentrate on the really important issues of the night – news from our respective quarters.

iPads, Nephews, Nieces, Being Gay, Downsizing, Tea-shoppes, Rock Bands, Retiring, Not retiring – we covered it all and still managed to fit in three courses and a smidge of alcohol! Phew!! We agreed that our next meet would be in Hinkley – probably ‘fish’ or ‘Italian’ or maybe Italian Fish!!!

The clock struck nine, and that was the cue to pay the bill. On leaving, we saw that the horrendous rain had returned – time to re-book that seat on the Ark!

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